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I am Dynamic and Creative

Hello! My name is Patrick Ruble, I am currently enrolled at University of Maryland University College (UMUC) obtaining my Bachelors degree in Digital Media & Web Technology. After obtaining this degree I will be beginning my Masters degree in Software Engineering.

I have had a passion for website development since I was a teenager and first got a taste of website development with Yahoo! GeoCities and AngelFire which paved the way for websites such as WIX.

Better known by my middle name "Eddie". I have a true passion for development; Ever since I was in middle school and was first given a TI-82 with some games pre-programmed into it for me. I then swapped the TI-82 into edit mode and learned how it was that this game functioned by using reverse engineering.

Later on that same year I met a friend; Jeremy Quarry's uncle who made a living off of launching affiliate websites using such services as AngelFire or Yahoo GeoCities. He went over it briefly with us and I simply fell in love!
From that day on, somewhere in the summer of 1999 I began my journey into the world of website development. I then began launching free sites for friends that were musicians as well as making sites to showcase my personal interests.

Over the years of being a self-taught website developer and the years I now have of going to college, I have gained experience in many areas which are going to be used in the field of web technology.

My goal is to find a career in website development after completing my Bachelors Degree.


  2. PHP/SQL
  3. cURL
  4. JavaScript
  5. Photoshop
  6. Microsoft Office Products
  7. Computer Repair
  8. Mobile phone repair
  9. Tablet repair



  1. Accepted invitation to Alpha Sigma Lambda - ΑΣΛ.
  2. Accepted invitation to Sigma Aplpa Pi - ΣΑΠ.
  3. Achieved National Dean's List at University of Maryland University College.


  1. Enrolled at University of Maryland University College full time, Major: Digital Media & Web Technology - Bachelor of Science Degree.
  2. Achieved my Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems from Baltimore City Community College.
  3. Added to the Who's Who Among Students In American Universities & Colleges.
  4. Achieved National Dean's List at Baltimore City Community College.


  1. Awarded a full scholarship by the National Science Foundation to attend Baltimore City Community College. This allows me to achieve my Associates Degree of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems.


  1. Achieved the third of five levels of Power Seller on Ebay, when I stopped selling on Ebay Gold Tier was 2 away from the best.